Green Products Company was started in 1944 by Robert and Eve Hartford in Berkeley, Ca. At that time the owners sold under contract drums of paint removers to the U.S. Navy for paint removal on their ships.

After World War II the owners developed a thin liquid paint remover for the removal of lacquer and varnish from antique furniture. The company becomes famous and well known in the antique furniture market for producing a quality product.

The Green's name and logo came about because the company was located next to a railroad line and Mr. Hartford decided that a railroad signal with a green light represents a safe name and logo for his company. The green lighted railroad signal indicates the railroad crossing is clear ahead for the train engineer to proceed. Since then the motto has been "Go with Greenís, the best paint removers". Mr. Hartford was so successful that he purchased the property and building where the company was located.

In 1958 the company and property was sold to Murrey Rosen who operated the company until his retirement in 1980 when Sid Rosen his son, took over the company. Sid Rosen was instrumental in increasing the market share of the company by introducing the products to large building material distributors.

In 1991 Green Products Co, a California corporation purchased the assets and formulas from Green Chemicals Inc. These assets were added to the assets of the new corporation located in Richmond, California.

In 1993 Green Products Co, purchased the assets and select product lines of Willard Products Co of Redwood City. These items were added to the lines of company product lines in Richmond, California.