Effective Date : March 1, 2010

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Rubbing alcohol. USP grade mixture of 99% IPA and Deionized water. Used as body rub, antiseptic, rubefacient, and pharmaceutic aid (solvent). Flash point less than 53 degrees F (flammable). Not for human consumption. Packaged in clear and blue.


Isopropanol, anhydrous (USP). A volatile, colorless, stable liquid with a characteristic alcoholic odor. Moderate evaporation rate. Completely miscible with most solvents. Widely used as an industrial solvent and in the preparation of pharmaceutical, medicinal, rubbing compounds and cosmetics. Dissolves ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyryl, alkaloids, gums, shellac, natural resins, and many essential oils. Also used as a coupling agent in cleaners and polishes, an extractant, dehydrating agent, de-icing fluid, cooling medium in refrigeration, and an intermediate chemical in the manufacture of other materials. Flash point 53 degrees F (flammable). Not for human consumption.


A blend of alcohols (rendered unfit for consumption as a beverage) that makes a very effective solvent for certain products. Primarily SDA 3-A with less than 10% IPA and 1% MIBK. 190 proof, low flash point (61 degrees F). Flammable. Commercial uses: as a solvent for plastics, resins, films, soldering flux, adhesives, polishes, inks, stains, shampoos, soaps, explosives, petroleum products; for processing dyes, perfume materials and fixatives, rosin, photographic chemicals, cleaning solutions, theater sprays, room deodorants, incense; in brake fluids, cutting oils, refrigerants, scientific instruments, fuels for autos, airplanes and heating. Clinical and research uses: processing crude drugs, medicinal chemicals, blood & blood products, glandular products, vitamins, yeasts, hormones, antibiotics & vaccines; in disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides and other biocides, embalming fluids, sterilizing and preserving solutions; dehydration of cellulose compounds; fuel for burners and torches; and many other uses.


A 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, USP. Colorless, slightly acid liquid. Uses: topical anti-infective; in pharmaceutical preparations, mouthwashes, dentifrices, sanitary lotions; as a veterinary topical antiseptic and cleansing agent.


Fast action, concentrated, professional strength cleaner.
From the makers of Green's Liquid Paint Stripper.  Green's Pro-Strength* Cleaner is a concentrated professional strength cleaner that gives you double the cleaning power. Green's Pro-Strength Cleaner is the strongest cleaner available on the market.

                     GREAT FOR CARPET CLEANER!

                     Contains LIQUID TSP for high cleaning action

                     Higher concentration of cleaning chemicals

                     Stronger cleaning power that really works

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